International Agricultural 
Technology Exhibition & Conference

26TH -28th 
March, 2019, Osogbo, State of Osun, Nigeria

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Opportunities In The Stat e Of Osun

The State of Osun is located in the South Western region of Nigeria. It is of Yoruba ethnicity and it houses the Oracle of the Yoruba ethnic group called Ile-Ife. 

There are over 250 towns in the State. Its capital is Osogbo, home to the Osun Osogbo Groove, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The State has good infrastructure and security. The Government of Osun State has created an enabling environment for Investors to do business in the State. 

Economic activities in Osun State include Farming, Commerce and Tourism. The Osun River provides an easy process for irrigation (Agronomic Practices).

  • Total land area – 9,251 sq. km.
  • Population – 5,416,959.
  • Vegetation – Tropical Rain forest and Savanna.
  • Major Crops – Maize Crop, Cassava, Oil Palm, Tobacco, Cocoa, Cashew, Cucumber.
  • Solid Minerals – Gold, Clay, Limestone, Kaolin, Granite, Talc, Feldspar, Ceramic. etc.

Opportunities for investment exist in:

  • Agribusiness
  • Irrigation
  • Modular agricultural equipment
  • Improved seedlings
  • Bio fertilizer processing equipment
  • Post-harvest storage machinery
  • Green house technology
  • R&D
  • ICT
  • Pesticides
  • Marketing

Other areas of investment include:

  • Energy
  • Mining
  • Tourism – Erin Ijesha Waterfall Resorts


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